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Foodieland San Mateo: Highlights

FoodieLand San Mateo Night Market is a fun outdoor cuisine event for the whole family inspired by Asia’s renowned open-air night markets. Here you’ll find some fascinating culinary artists and global cuisine pioneers in one location, with a roster of over 170+ multicultural merchants. Save the date, round up your pals, and join us for fun. Discover the meticulously selected global marketplace of FoodieLand, which features dishes and flavors worldwide. Enjoy a constantly changing array of summertime treats from sellers throughout America. You will only go to the same festival once because the merchants at each of our events vary frequently. There is something for everyone at the Night Market’s distinctively diversified array of cuisines. Visit one of our favored spots or go to the bar for a summertime beverage.


Featured image for Foodieland San Mateo
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Wide Variety of Entertainment

In the summer of 2019, FoodieLand Night Market opened to provide a setting where people may come together to share a memorable culinary experience with their loved ones and the community. We wanted our visitors to taste various foods from different cultures all over the world. Family-friendly entertainment can be found at FoodieLand. Participants can participate in carnival games, take in live musical performances on one of our two stages, and browse for unique crafts and treasures from regional artists. And even though we are a “night market,” you are welcome to stop by anytime starting in the late afternoon. Don’t let the name deceive you! FoodieLand hosts more than 15 events annually across Northern California, Southern California, and Nevada thanks to its array of services. Over 750,000 people visit FoodieLand each year throughout its season. Visit our culinary oasis to indulge in delectable food with loved ones. Make this weekend one to cherish.


Multicultural Foodie Event in San Mateo

Thousands of people attended our multicultural foodie event, which was held at Berkeley, California’s Golden Gate Fields. We wanted to reproduce the experience by taking our event to even more communities in light of this tremendous reaction. Fast forward to 2022, and FoodieLand has grown to include the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. It currently stages more than 15 different events each year. The festival is the biggest annual cuisine event on the west coast and draws a record number of visitors yearly. No two events are ever the same because of the continuously changing mix of local and outside vendors in our marketplace. Discover unique activities, including games, crafts, and shops—a joy for people of all ages.


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