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Moving to Foley Alabama: A Great Choice of Living

Foley, Alabama, was founded in the early 1900s by John B. Foley, who immigrated to the state from Chicago. The first station in the city opened in 1905 after he built a railway line with some of his own money. The city museum is located in the same railroad station as in the past, and there is also much more to learn. About 10 miles separate Foley from the breathtaking Gulf Coast’s white sand beaches and uninhabited islands. Moving to Foley Alabama is a lovely area. A few benefits of living in this city are its convenient location, low living costs, more affordable housing options, accessibility to the Bay and neighboring rivers, and safety. Because of these advantages, Foley, Alabama, has seen a 92% increase in population between 2000 and 2010. The city’s answer to the influx of newcomers has been to build brand-new neighborhoods and a vibrant business district.


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Best Places to Live in Foley Alabama

Here are some of the nicest areas to reside in Foley, Alabama, which has several beautiful neighborhoods:

Glenlakes: Residents of Glenlakes benefit from a golf and swimming pool membership and the expansive green views provided by Glenlakes Golf Club. Local stores, the city’s historic downtown, eateries, and many other outdoor activities are all within a five-minute drive of this area.

Graham Creek Estates: There are several options to enjoy sailing, fishing, and watersports in this charming area because of its waterfront location. The Graham Creek National Preserve, a fantastic place for hiking and spending time in nature, is also right across the street from Graham Creek Estates.

Ashford Park: With prices ranging from $150,000 to $200,000, this neighborhood offers reasonably new homes in Traditional styles. It is in a great position away from the hectic traffic but is still close to all the retail places.


This Amazing Town in Alabama

Foley is indeed a town in Alabama that has 20,170 residents. Baldwin County includes Foley. Foley people enjoy a dense suburban feel, and most own their homes. Residents of Foley tend to lean conservative and include many retirees and young professionals. In Foley, the public schools perform above average. The majority of people believe that Foley, Alabama, is where you go to do all of your shopping as the majority of the businesses on the Alabama Gulf Coast are located here, so chances are that if you’ve ever traveled to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, you have passed through Foley, Alabama. Many people are unaware of Foley’s thriving residential real estate market, despite the city’s wealth of stores, boutiques, restaurants, national brands, and outlet malls. Also, many new purchasers are drawn to several different communities that are becoming quite popular.


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