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Stonebridge Summerlin: A Place to Call Your Home

Stonebridge Summerlin encompasses 502 acres, a backdrop of mountains and brilliant red rocks. Because of Stonebridge’s elevated position, its residents will enjoy unobstructed views and quiet. Some of the best views of Red Rock in the Las Vegas Valley may be seen in Stonebridge, a community that sits next to Paseos Village and shares an end with Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. It is made up of 12 different neighborhoods. Today, more moderately priced homes may be found in the center section of Stonebridge’s main road. At the same time, several of the luxury housing neighborhoods are located on the outer circle. Gated communities are common in areas with expensive homes. The Summerlin Stonebridge village’s design and color scheme are based on the Mojave Desert’s prairie landscape. Some homes will have the highly sought-after Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired clean lines architecture. There are soccer fields, basketball courts, a fitness area, pickleball courts, a tot log, a shaded playground, open spaces, pathways, and picnic pavilions on the park’s 10 acres.


Featured image for Stonebridge Summerlin
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Some of the Finest Neighborhoods in Stonebridge in Summerlin

Stonebridge, The Paseos, and Sun City Summerlin are the three communities within the enormous master-planned city of Summerlin with the highest population density. Summerlin is home to several illustrious neighborhoods, including, The Ridges, The Trails, and The Willows. Your choice of accommodation should consider various factors, including the availability of village facilities, proximity to Summerlin’s many stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, such as golf courses and hiking trails, and so on. The fact is that each community in Summerlin has something unique to offer. For instance, Stonebridge is an ideal location for families that want to live quietly on a mountainside because of its location. On the other hand, due to its abundant natural space and panoramic views of Red Rock Canyon National Park, the Paseos is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outside. You can find a neighborhood and a property in Summerlin, Las Vegas, just for your interests and preferences.


The Perks of Calling Summerlin, Nevada Home

Surely you’re wondering if Summerlin, Nevada, is a lovely spot to settle down. Here are reasons why Summerlin is a great place to call home.

  • New Construction and Inventory. Summerlin has some of Nevada’s most beautiful and diverse real estate. Golf course properties, vast mansions, magnificent condos, and other single-family homes are available.
  • Outdoor Fun. Summerlin suits outdoor enthusiasts. Some attractions include ten golf courses, 250 parks, 150 miles of trails, and easy access to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.
  • Constant Activity. Summerlin residents may shop, dine, and entertain in Downtown Summerlin without visiting Las Vegas. Las Vegas Ballpark hosts baseball games, and City National Arena hosts Vegas Golden Knights practices.
  • Cooler temps. Summerlin’s elevation makes it colder than other valley areas year-round. Summerlin is 3,500 to 4,400 feet above sea level and the Las Vegas Strip is 2,000 feet. According to meteorologist Todd Lericos, temperatures decrease by 3.57 degrees for every 1,000-foot elevation increase.
  • Tax Benefits. Summerlin residents enjoy no income tax in the state and cheap property taxes. It attracts people from high-tax states.


Stonebridge Summerlin is an ideal community for young families, seniors, and working professionals. Check out this for comprehensive information on Summerlin, the location of your potential new home.