Tracy Hills Homes for Sale

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Discover the Latest Additions to Tracy Hills: Homes for Sale in New Neighborhoods

The continuous expansion of the master-planned community in San Joaquin County brings good news as more Tracy Hills homes for sale become available, new neighborhoods debut, and the pre-selling stages start.

Fairgrove and Greenwood neighborhoods launched last January 14. Living spaces range from 1,945 to 2,869 square feet giving plenty of room to move around. Parklin and Sunhaven subdivisions, on the other hand, have opened their pre-selling period. Choose from one or two-story single-family builds that are well-designed and have a modern feel. Parklin features residences ranging from 2,173 to 2,688 square feet, while Sunhaven provides a broader floor plan at 2,502 to 3,543 square feet. Discover great deals and take advantage of a possible lower introductory price, picking your preferred location and the freedom to choose between four available floor plans. As part of the Everything’s Included® scheme, Lennar’s houses boast the comfort and convenience of modern living without paying extra. The smart-home technology lets you control your lights, locks, security cameras, and thermostats with a button on your smartphone or tablet. Solar panels help reduce utility bills making your house energy-efficient. They only use the highest quality materials, so you have a home that looks as good as it feels.


Featured image for CA Neighborhood
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A Look Inside the Community’s Newest Elementary School

The groundbreaking of the Corral Hollow Elementary School marks an exciting new addition to the community. The K-8 learning center is anticipated to open in 2024 and will be part of the Jefferson School District. It is conveniently located within the neighborhood’s vicinities and is within easy reach of the Welcome Center. Students can access a rich knowledge center supplied by its state-of-the-art library featuring digital resources and an extensive collection of books. The possibility of daycare options will assure working parents that their kids are well-cared for in a secure and nurturing environment. This development provides a fantastic opportunity for homebuyers considering the houses for sale in Tracy Hills, CA, to invest in their children’s future and education. Corral Hollow Elementary School is positioned to become a leader of excellence in the area with its modern facilities, innovative programs, and dedicated staff.


Finding Your Perfect Fit: Floor Sizes and Prices of Tracy Hills Homes for Sale

Lennar has come up with options that will suit every budget and lifestyle. Find the perfect fit by browsing our short guide on Tracy Hills homes for sale prices and sizes.

  • Amethyst
    Approx. 1,867 – 2,313 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $629,880-$729,880
  • Fairgrove
    Approx. 1,945 – 2,416 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $699,880-$809,880
  • Parklin
    Approx. 2,173 – 2,688 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $799,880-$888,880
  • Greenwood
    Approx. 2,452 – 2,869 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $829,880-$913,880
  • Sunhaven
    Approx. 2,502 – 3,543 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $881,880-$1,085880
  • Pearl
    Approx. 2,683 – 3,599 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $929,880-$1,118,880
  • Topaz
    Approx. 2,914 – 4,100 Sq. Ft.
    Price: $1,323,880

No matter which area you choose, you’ll enjoy high-quality construction and top-of-the-line amenities when you purchase any Tracy Hills homes for sale.


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