Virginia Farmhouses for Sale

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Historic Homes: Virginia’s Farmhouses for Sale

During Virginia’s early years, most estate farmhouses were constructed. They became one of the primary home designs during this period, with many located in the state’s northern half, especially near Washington, DC. In the eastern part of the state, near Virginia Beach, you’ll find several different farmhouses for sale, all in a natural urban area equipped with coastal elements. You can find beautiful estate farmhouses in Virginia with impressive interior and exterior layouts with spectacular and meticulously cared-for vegetation. The selection is wide since many affordable and quaint farmsteads are available around the state; prospective buyers can look into them until they find the one perfect for their housing needs and wants.

These farmhouses are ideal for people looking for a property in a quiet place, sheltered by the peace of the countryside, where they can live a slow-paced life, opposite the pressuring and fast-paced city life.

Ready to take the next step and live a humble life on the far side of town? Let’s take a deeper look at Virginia farmhouses for sale:


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Farmhouses’ Features

Most of the state’s farmhouses retain many original features, many of which are of outstanding quality and have historical significance while incorporating many modern conveniences. The preservation of most of the property elements associated with the time frame before it was established depicts the early lifestyle and preferences of property owners in Virginia, enhancing the home’s market value and making them a smart investment undertaking in the long run.

Farmhouses in the state are distinguished by their unique personality and historic elegance, complemented by breathtaking mountain panoramas and serene lake views. The excellent location of each property in Virginia will unquestionably provide its owners with a sense of calm and a calming ambiance, which they are sure to adore.

Functionality and Character
The farmhouses are typically decorated with exquisitely designed contemporary furniture and comforts. Some farmhouses have a bright breakfast area connected to a family room and a pre-designed gourmet kitchen with essential fixtures. These meticulously planned floor plans and layouts will delight your family members with the warm and inviting living atmosphere they produce.


Virginia Farmhouses for Sale Facts

  • Farmhouses can range anywhere from $60,000 to $49.3 million in price, depending on the architectural type of the building and other aspects of the land.
  • The vast majority of historic farmhouses in Virginia were built on huge lots ranging in size from ten acres up to a staggering 38,500 acres when they were originally established.
  • Homebuyers interested in purchasing a farmhouse in the state can select from several architectural styles that are furnished in every one of the state’s farmhouses. These styles include Colonial, French Provincial, Carriage House designs, and Georgian Manor.
  • Farmhouses in Virginia that fall into the luxury category come equipped with various equestrian facilities, such as riding trails, riding rings, paddocks, arenas, and stables, amongst other features.
  • Both modest and vast farmhouses can be outfitted with anything from one to twenty-three bedroom layouts and sixteen to sixteen bathroom arrangements, depending on the layout.


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